Lodhi Art District- Unique Street Art in South Delhi’s Lodhi Art Colony- Offbeat Places to Visit in Delhi

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When I planned my trip to Delhi last year, Visiting Lodhi Art district – this public art gallery was on top of my list. I was looking forward to experiencing the open air canvases at the Lodhi Art District followed by rambling around in Lodhi Gardens nearby.

In this housing complex, the paintings are made on only some of the houses, it was like hide & seek locating these artworks in the bylanes- art with a concept behind each. In many lanes of Lodhi Art Colony we saw groups taking pics & there we were…next to another masterpiece! We were awestruck by the larger than life paintings on the walls of this housing society, showcasing some amazing and elaborate murals with each artwork carrying a meaning.

lodhi art colony

It was like one grand open air exhibition of various art forms from Indian Shekhawati Paintings, Tribal Gond Art along with some international art elements. There were some that spoke about mythology & the common man, others about global issues like environment, genders etc & others about going digital & maintaining human relationships -all portrayed through beautiful figures, colors  and paints at Lodhi Art Museum!

lodhi art district

Touted to be India’s first-ever-open-air-art district called Lodhi Art District is located between Khanna Market and Meharchand Market in Lodhi Colony. We went here in the early evening to avoid the afternoon sun, have enough time to enjoy the Lodhi Art district & then move onto Lodhi garden, which is a short tuk tuk ride away.

lodhi art district

We would have walked around for nearly 2 hours, admiring the beauties & taking pics at Lodhi Art District! How can you not? Just wear comfortable clothes, good walking shoes and enjoy the graffiti in every nook and corner. A unique place & a unique background for taking aesthetic pictures. There were quite a few groups doing the same, but it wasn’t crowded as such.  


One of the most interesting places to visit in Delhi. Especially for those who love the gram. 🙂

lodhi art district
lodhi art district
how to reach lodho art district
how to reach lodhi art district

Nearest Metro Stations for Lodhi Art Colony: 

  • Yellow Line-  Jor Bagh 

  • Violet line – JLN Stadium

From there, it’s a short rickshaw ride away.
Take another rick to Lodhi Gardens after touring the place. They’re a great combination to club for a memorable Sunday evening.

The Art in Lodhi Art District

lodhi art colony

This project in Lodhi Colony brought together international artists like Brandon Tay (Singapore), Georgia Hill (Australia), Yoh Nagao (Japan), and Daan Botlek (Netherlands).
Also, French artist Chifumi, Swiss duo – Pablo Togni & Christian Rebecchi, Inkbrushnme were a part of turning Lodhi Colony to Lodhi Art District. 🙂

lodhi art museum

The Indian artists on this project were Kulavoor, Hanif Kureshi, Sajid Wajid and Shilo Shiv Suleman.

lodhi art colony

The subjects covered are so varied & still so relatable. In fact, the First Lady of France, Brigitte Macron also visited the district and was raving about it!


Lodhi Art Colony is not a place to read or write about, it is to be seen & experienced. Let the pictures I clicked give you a little glimpse into what this place is all about.

The History of Lodhi Art District

lodhi art museum

Thanks to Start India’s initiative  to make art accessible to one and all, 25 artists from India and all across the world were brought together to make the city more vibrant with murals.

Lodhi Colony was chosen as India’s first open air art museum. The first art work on Lodhi Colony walls was done in 2015 & it was on since then. By March 2019, the old, drab walls of the colony were brimming with life with  multiple themes!! It has now become a “Must Go To” place for tourists  while visiting Delhi. Art can turn anything into beauty. 

Lodhi Garden, Delhi

lodhi art colony

This garden is the green lung of Delhi. It’s just a little away from Lodhi Art District.
It was such an unexpectedly friendly & family oriented place, I just loved it!
There were huge family groups with dhurries, picnic baskets, children playing around with sporting elders joining in too….I was literally laughing with glee just looking at them…Such a positive & pleasant environment. 

lodhi art colony
lodhi art district


Apart from this, there were 2 tombs right at the beginning, which we were glad to see as we had to miss visiting Humayun’s tomb. So this was a consolation.

lodhi art museum

The garden was very well laid out with fountains & had many exits. Plus it was just a 10 minute rickshaw ride from Lodhi Art District! After spending a lovely evening here you can end the day with some delicious local street-food options nearby.

So do club the two together & ‘Ek shaam Lodhi ke Naam’ 😀

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