clubs in goa nightlife in goa party places in goa

Goa is known for its beautiful pristine beaches, hospitality, authentic seafood along with its oh-so-famous parties of course! The beaches of Goa are a huge draw for tourists from everywhere! Golden sand, palm trees, beautiful sunsets, vibrant beach shacks, food and drinks…this tiny state has it all. Well, there are […]

waterfalls near mumbai nearby waterfalls in mumbai

The rainy season is a welcome break in the fast paced, time bound life of us Mumbaikars. A refreshing drive through the outskirts of Mumbai is all that’s required to feel rejuvenated after the chaos the city-life brings about. It’s time to gather family & friends for a trip to […]

Vineyards in nashik, soma vine village

The wait for corona virus to settle down has been unending…its been literally a year being closeted at home. I was desperate to move out & enjoy the outdoors amidst luxury, but just a drive away from Mumbai, and with all necessary precautions. A place with enough to do, but […]

varkala things to do in varkala places to visit in varkala

Varkala. Hmm…I don’t even remember how I stumbled upon this place, maybe heard about it through a friend? But boy oh boy! After visiting the magical place that it is, I ended up staying there for a whole two and a half months! Varkala was like this treasure I’d found. […]

Rann of kutch rann utsav white desert

Visiting the Rann of Kutch on a full moon night during Rann Utsav was on my list for quite some years now. I was raring to go! Frankly, it settled in my mind when I first saw Amitabh Bacchan walking on the white desert of Kutch saying- ‘Rann nahi dekha, […]

best shacks in goa

We all know that the state of Goa, in India, is famous for its beautiful beaches, its nightlife, rave parties, safety, hospitality, authentic seafood and water sports..but what we often overlook is it’s laid back comfortable beach shacks! The vibrant and soulful beach shacks in Goa!! The beaches of Goa […]

trekking in himalayas himalayan trek life lessons mountains taught me

And why you should trek in the Himalayas too! I was only 18 when I went on my first himalayan trek. That year was all about trying new things and kinnnnd of getting an idea about who I am from the inside. (Still haven’t figured it out, but am definitely […]

treks near mumbai trekking in mumbai

Easy treks to do around Mumbai-Pune during Covid-19 Mumbai is one of those few cities which is blessed with several forts and hilly terrains along its fringes. This accords all the Mumbaikars with a chance to explore these beautiful vistas and seek adventure through monsoon treks from Mumbai in their […]

places near goa

Goa is a tourist friendly town as lots of people are looking for weekend getaways near Goa. A lot of tourists first visit Goa and then combine it with top places near Goa for a perfect trip.These destinations are attractive, popular and offer travellers a mix of everything ranging from […]