6 Offbeat Party Places in Goa in 2021

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Goa is known for its beautiful pristine beaches, hospitality, authentic seafood along with its oh-so-famous parties of course!

The beaches of Goa are a huge draw for tourists from everywhere! Golden sand, palm trees, beautiful sunsets, vibrant beach shacks, food and drinks…this tiny state has it all. Well, there are tons of party places in Goa right…in fact each street is a party and there’s a pub every mile! Isn’t that why the whole world flocks to Goa in the first place?

…but in this sea of pubs and clubs in Goa, each with its own vibe, which one do you choose?
We debated for hours and hoursss about which place to go! Every. Single. Night. Which wasted half the time we could’ve spent dancing and having fun at some cool club instead!

goa clubbing

So to save you the trouble, let’s get right into the best party places in Goa for your taste!

P.S- I went there on a short 7-day trip last month (August 2021) and these offbeat clubs in Goa were a total hit even during monsoons! So you can only imagine what they’d be like during peak season.

best club in goa
Thalassa Nightlife in Goa

The well deserved and extremely popular Thalassa has always been on the checklist for anyone who visits Goa. This cliff-top resto-bar in Vagator is famous for a reason; there’s always an amazing atmosphere! Its ambience makes it one of the best party places in Goa…the weekdays are a mix of live performances around a romantic setting while the weekends are raging with the latest music (Bollywood too!) and people dancing the night away.

Don’t be surprised if you see folks climbing on top of tables and shaking a foot! This place is known for that; expensive 25grand champagne showers and people dancing on table-tops. It’s really fun!

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2. Paulo’s & Darlings, Chapora- As Goan as it gets!

clubs in goa
party places in goa

You know how sometimes you walk into a shack or pub and just say to yourself, ‘this is so Goa!’, well Paulo’s and Darlings is just that for you. These two hidden gems are tucked in a narrow street of Chapora with people standing all around the road. You won’t get your Bollywood or Jonas Brothers here…but if you’re okay with some classic old rock, cheap beer, great company and lovely aesthetics…you just got lucky!

best club in goa
clubs in goa

Oh BTW, Paulo’s and Darling are two separate pubs on the same street. Paulo’s has a much more aesthetic decor, while Darling’s is a regular hangout for young locals who come there to grab a bite or chill with their friends. People keep shuffling within the two and it’s like we’ve gone a few decades back in time! You converse with strangers, share tables and leave knowing a bunch of people by the end of the night. It’s a small yet very cozy & welcoming party place in Goa.

goa best clubs

3. Moff- One of the bests!

This place feels like you’re entering your Goan Granny’s heritage house for a dinner treat. A slightly different treat though- one with crazy techno music, air conditioned spaces, trippiest fluorescent decor and ample amount of space.

night clubs in goa

This is one huge house with a lawn, bar, restaurant and a dedicated area to dance. It’s a really chill scene and one of the best clubs in Goa. Happens to be my favourite too! No sweaty people falling over each other, for those who don’t want to dance- there’s a restaurant & outdoor seating where music isn’t bursting your eardrums and the best part…AC in Goa’s humidity!! Pretty amazing food as well. Must try!

P.S- This place is open till the wee hours of the morning…start with a martini, end with a lemonade as the sun rises. Party all night!

4. Titlie, Anjuna- For some fine-dine and amazing afro beats!

nightclubs in goa

Titlie is an absolutely lovely restaurant- ‘quite instagrammable’ as one of my friends said- offering stunning views overlooking Vagator beach. It has beautiful lights and a very fine ambience with an amazing menu of tasty delicacies. But what’s even more amazing about this club in Goa is its music!!

Titlie nightclubs in goa

This place had the best afro music whose upbeat beats would make you want to dance right then and there! And they’ve made arrangements for just that; at this party place in Goa, tables are arranged in a way that allows you more than enough space to groove. The sad part is though, that it all shuts by midnight. Still, definitely worth a visit on the weekend!


5. Pizza Delizia & Casa Tito’s, Arpora- For the feistiest Salsa nights!

Pizza Delizia, good for Pizzas? Sure.
Good for Salsa? Hell yeahh!!!

Truly a hidden gem. I never knew Goa had this side to it as well. Thanks to some of my friends who’d been living here for a few months, that I landed up at this place a day before I left. And well…I was legitimately considering rescheduling my flight because this was so fun!!!

Lucky for you, you’ll know about this place much before your last day in Goa. (Hopefully!)
The dance floor is filled with Salsa and Bachata instructors, along with Salsa enthusiasts and absolute beginners as well. The instructors would dance with you and make you comfortable with the beats while the others just dance with each other. The partners shuffle after every song and it’s an insane dancing scene!

Likewise Casa Tito’s also has their Latin nights on Sundays with the equal amount of energy, enthusiasm and steaminess.
It’s so wonderful to see everyone come all dressed up in their dresses and heels to this small party place in Goa. MUST VISIT!

best nightclubs in goa

6. Group 42, Vagator- When you want to go home after sunrise!


It’s way past 3am but party abhi baaki hai? Cool. Head to Group 42.

This place is madness. This club in Goa, it’s more of a resto-pub which has tables arranged around its compound and a sweet common space- but when you go further inside is where you’ll see the real deal. A discotheque of sorts that plays techno till the sun is up and shining! Once you’re in, forget the time and just vibe to the music. Their techno beats will definitely take you places. 😉


A few other famous ones you might want to try: Curlies, Sorro, El Petron

El patron clubs in north goa
In frame: El Petron

So those are my top clubs in Goa and the not-so-club type party places in Goa for whatever your mood be. Goa is Goa…you’re bound to have fun! This will just save you time deciding on places, unlike us. Please share it with anyone who might be heading there.

best clubs in north goa

Hope you like them as much as I do, a general tip would be to call up the place beforehand to be sure whether they’re operational (with covid everything is so uncertain) and enquire about special nights, like Latin nights, and on which days do they organise it.

Lets make daa paaaartayyyy!

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