Waterfalls near Mumbai you should visit this Monsoon

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The rainy season is a welcome break in the fast paced, time bound life of us Mumbaikars. A refreshing drive through the outskirts of Mumbai is all that’s required to feel rejuvenated after the chaos the city-life brings about. It’s time to gather family & friends for a trip to waterfalls in Mumbai & just be a child again amidst water and nature. 😀

A monsoon trek is an annual ritual with us…Having been to almost all of them over the years, it’s something the kids look forward to!! If it’s a waterfall trek near Mumbai, even better. 

Chinamans waterfall waterfalls near mumbai

When with family & kids, if the main waterfall is too crowded or the climb is too steep…we just enjoy the landscape & the food stalls around, and then move a little further away to look for a smaller fall & streams where everyone can get wet & enjoy the serenity minus the crowds.

Here are some of the nearby waterfalls in Mumbai that you should experience during the monsoons!

nearby waterfalls in mumbai
nearby waterfalls in mumbai pandavkada

The Pandavkada Falls in Kharghar is perfect for families. It is one of the waterfalls near Mumbai for one day picnic set in the midst of the lush green Pandavkada Hills…the waterfalls are a treat to the eyes and make for an ideal spot to relax.

The falls are not safe to swim in, so it’s best to just enjoy the view or for a short trek.

Just an hour’s drive from the city, The Pandavkada Falls are also located conveniently near the railway station, so getting here shouldn’t be much of a problem. 

pandavkada resorts with waterfalls near mumbai

Distance from Mumbai: 30 kilometres

Getting There: An hour’s drive from Mumbai or take a train to Kharghar.
Auto Rickshaws are available from the station to the base of the waterfall.


2. Vangani Waterfall /Bhagirath Waterfall

vangani waterfall waterfalls near mumbai
waterfalls near mumbai

Situated at a distance of 68 kms from Mumbai in Vangani, a drive to these falls makes for a rejeuvenating road trip. The vast open spaces, different shades of green & the  clear pool of water at the base of the falls where one can swim- what more do you want? 

Adventure activities like rock climbing, water rappelling etc. are held at these nearby waterfalls in Mumbai during the weekends. Do check them out as well!

One of the most picturesque and enchanting waterfalls near Mumbai. 

waterfalls near mumbai vangani waterfall

Distance from Mumbai: 68 kilometres

Getting There:  Vangani is the nearest station.
A taxi or auto-rickshaw can be taken from there to the waterfall.


3. Bhivpuri Waterfalls

bhivpuri waterfall waterfalls near mumbai

Situated in Karjat, around 80 kms from Mumbai, these waterfalls near Mumbai are a picturesque  cascade of water from a cliff. Monsoon is the best time to enjoy these waterfalls, when the fall is in full force!

waterfalls near mumbai bhivpuri

There are two levels of waterfalls here. The first level is an enjoyable 30-minute trek that takes you through lush greenery. The topmost one is the most difficult to get to; but the view from there is mesmerising! The first  two are ideal for first-time trekkers — with  good shoes, as the slope can get slippery. There are a few local stalls at the foot of the hill offering typical Maharashtrian dishes if you want to grab a bite after your trek. 

Distance from Mumbai: 80 kilometres

Getting There: Bhivpuri/ Karjat are the nearest local stations. (Amongst the best waterfall near Karjat)
If going by car, just  drive down the Mumbai-Bangalore Highway.

waterfalls near mumbai bhivpuri

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4. Bushi Dam, Lonavala

We cannot, ‘not’ list the famous Bushi dam of Lonavala in the waterfalls near Mumbai Pune list. Nope!
On weekends there’s a proper traffic jam 4-5 kms on either side- it’s that popular!!

bushi dam waterfalls near mumbai

After good rains, the water from the dam overflows onto the steps, where you can sit & have a hot cup of chai. Local vendors sell pakoras, vada pav & other small eats near the waterfall & at the base…you will love it when you come here with a large group! It’s really fun and ones of the best nearby waterfalls in mumbai! Undoubtedly.

Avoid weekends to enjoy it better.

bushi dam waterfals in mumbai and thane
bushi dam waterfals in mumbai and thane

Distance from Mumbai: 86 kilometres

Getting There: By train, Lonavala  Railway Station is the nearest and then take a rick. By car, just follow the crowd after reaching Lonavala. 🙂


5. Zenith Waterfalls


Situated in Khopoli near Karjat, the famous Zenith Waterfall is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Maharashtra. These waterfalls near Mumbai are around 30 kms from Lonavala. It attracts a lot of tourists when the water is in full force during the monsoons.

You can also go to the waterfalls near the Campollian Club where the falls have lesser crowds.

zenith waterfalls in mumbai

Distance from Mumbai: 73 kilometres

Getting There: By train, Khopoli  Railway Station is the nearest -around 2 kms and then take a rick. 

Hotels in Mahabaleshwar
waterfalls in mumbai

Waterfalls Near Mumbai (Over 100 Kilometres)


6. Vihigaon Waterfall


The Vihigaon waterfall near Nashik, also called Ashoka Waterfall, is situated about 60 kilometres from Nashik. If you are visiting this wine region, do plan a day trip to these falls offering splendid views of the cascading water from the cliff. 

Vihigaon waterfalls near mumbai in monsoon

This place is only good to go during the monsoons though…once the rains are in full force. River rafting and rappelling are also organised here and the trek to these waterfalls near Mumbai through the woods is very enjoyable as well. 

It is advisable to carry your own water and food as there’s not much nearby.

karjat resorts
waterfalls near mumbai in monsoon

Distance from Mumbai: 125 kilometres

Getting There: Driving from Nashik will take about 3-4 hours.
Bus or cab from Nashik station are the other ways to reach here.

7. Randha Falls

Randha Falls natural waterfalls near mumbai

The Randha Falls, around 10 kilometres away from Bhandardara, are one of the best waterfalls near Mumbai. It is the third largest falls in the state & one of the most famous natural waterfalls near Mumbai perfect for a sweet picnic.

Randha waterfall best waterfalls near mumbai

This waterfall near Mumbai is only worth visiting in the monsoons. The clear water of the Pravara river falls magnificently from a height 170ft into a ravine. From the top of the waterfall, one can enjoy the stunning views of fog clad green mountains!

You can either  climb up to the waterfall or take the well-constructed pathway…

Distance from Mumbai: 165 kilometres

Getting There: The nearest station is Igatpuri, but it’s a long drive from there too.
To reach the Randha Falls, you will have to drive down the MH SH 44 and NH160 highways.

Randha waterfall best waterfalls near mumbai
best waterfalls near mumbai randha waterfall

8. Lingmala Waterfall

Located in Mahabaleshwar, these waterfalls near Mumbai lie on the Mahabaleshwar-Pune road. The Lingmala Waterfall is a must visit for anyone travelling to Mahabaleshwar in the monsoons. It is one of those few waterfalls that is worth a visit throughout the year! 

What is the best time to go to Mahabaleshwar?

It has a gated entrance with fixed timings. It’s very well maintained; for getting to the top of the waterfall you can either trek, or take the rough rock stairs.

It’s best to visit the falls in the morning, as the place gets closed around 5 pm.

Distance from Mumbai: 256 kilometres

Getting There: Lingmala falls is about 6 kms from the city bus stand & nearly a 4-hour drive away from Mumbai via the NH48 & Bangalore-Mumbai Highways.


9. Thoseghar Falls

Hotels in Mahabaleshwar

The stunning multi-tiered Thoseghar Falls, biggest in Maharashtra,  are located  20 km from Satara. The thunderous sound of the gushing water from a height of 500m makes it a must visit waterfall near Mumbai!!

The viewing platform provides a  full view of the gorgeous waterfalls in all its glory.

good waterfalls near mumbai

The walk to get to the viewing point is a little effort, but  enjoyable with the lush environs around. Very much worth the view!

Thoseghar falls are best visited during the monsoon and make for an  easy weekend getaway from Pune and Mumbai.

waterfalls near mumbai by train
waterfalls near mumbai by train

Distance from Mumbai: 294 kilometres

Getting There: Satara is the nearest city & the falls are around 23 kilometres away from the Satara Bus Station.

10. Vajraj Falls


This stunning three tiered waterfall sees water cascading from the top all through the year, but it’s really worth visiting only in the monsoon. 

You have to trek to get to the top of the waterfalls, but the view makes it worth the climb. There are a few caves & a lovely pond here which add to the visit to this waterfall near Mumbai. It’s a great waterfall trek near Mumbai!

Distance from Mumbai: 280 kilometres

Getting There: Satara is the nearest hub for public transport. Cabs are easily available for reaching these falls.

Apart from these, there are many other good waterfalls around like Dhobi & Chinamans  waterfalls in Mahabaleshwar, Umbrella waterfall in Bhandardara & many other waterfalls where you can trek to as well.

Devkund waterfall mumbai pune waterfalls around mumbai
Devkund waterfall

Kune waterfall in Khanadal was also a great one to enjoy until its entry got cordoned off as private property. 🙁
It can be viewed from various points, but reaching it is not feasible now.

Kune's waterfall

Even otherwise, drive a little outside Mumbai & there are innumerable smaller waterfalls especially in Panvel-Karjat area.

So, if you’re looking for a  weekend getaway from Mumbai  to recharge yourself, then do plan to visit  these beautiful waterfalls near Mumbai. Do you know of another beautiful waterfall near Mumbai that you would like to share in the comments below? Happy drenching! 😀

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