Malshej Ghat- A drive under the waterfalls

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Monsoons in & around Mumbai? Extremely picturesque! It’s almost as if the outskirts of Mumbai breathe a new life; the Sahyadri hills are once again covered with lush greenery and numerous waterfalls make their way through these hills. All the monsoon getaways near pune and mumbai are at the peak of their beauty. This is indeed the perfect time to plan your monsoon picnic.

Malshej is known for its unique waterfalls that fall off right from the mountains onto the highway…we love it when we drive with the waterfall over us. One of the top reasons to visit Malshej ghat in Maharashtra this monsoon.

Malshej Ghat

The drive from Mumbai to Malshej Ghat waterfall is a lovely one along rural villages and misty mountain peaks; extremely scenic making it an ideal spot for a fun monsoon road trip. And there is nothing better than a road trip in the rains, is there?

For most of you, “how far is Malshej ghat from mumbai?” would be the main question. So let me tell you that Malshej Ghat to Mumbai & Malshej Ghat to Pune is literally the same distance- around 125 kms, making it an equally appealing weekend getaway from Mumbai and Pune. Maharashtra is full of mesmerizing locations that can make any trip worthwhile, especially during this weather.

Is Mahabaleshwar safe to travel?

Best time to visit Malshej Ghat


To visit  Malshej Ghat waterfall, monsoons are the perfect time. It is adorned with a number of small waterfalls in one cluster which is a sight to behold. Against the backdrop of rugged mountains, these Malshej waterfalls appear simply magical!

With huge crowds visiting, especially during the weekends you can however expect a bit of traffic coming to and fro the main cities like Mumbai or Pune.


The Mumbai to Malshej Ghat drive

Every year during the monsoons, we make a trip to this beautiful place with family, including kids- they enjoy the most in fact. It’s usually a day trip; we start early in the morning from Central Mumbai. 

Malshej ghat
Picture credit: Ram Prasad Iyenger

Road conditions are very good and well maintained, the drive takes us just a little more than 3 hours. Piling into our XUV, stocked with good music & lots of munchies, the scenic drive is a much needed break enjoyed by all. Before the trip, however, we always enquire about the condition of Malshej ghat.

We halt for food and snacks in between at the small dhabas along the road which you can always count on for some good aloo parathas and tea! We generally stop & eat  in Hotel Arya in Balegaon, about 40 mins before Malshej; there are 1-2 more within this area. After Kalyan, you will only find very small dhabas without much facilities, so keep your toilet breaks in mind.

lonavala dhabas

Is Malshej Ghat safe?

Malshej Ghat is a ghat that is prone to landslides in heavy monsoon. But you need not worry…adequate measures are  taken every year to stop any mishaps from taking place- during very heavy rainfall, the Ghat is closed for a few days to a week or two. 

So before planning your trip, it is always better to inquire about the status of the Malshej ghat weather & roads.

The ideal time to visit here is early monsoon – June & early July.

malshej ghat in monsoon

About Malshej Ghat

Once the Ghats begin, all you see are vast stretches of green plateaus and hills with mini waterfalls like leaking taps all over the place! The dark clouds give off a lovely change in atmosphere & look like soft cotton balls waiting to be caught. The cool breeze forces you to abandon the car AC & let the breeze run through your hair. You can have your little movie moment here haha, we’re all (happily) guilty for it. 😉


You will find a lot of waterfalls besides the road but we keep heading upwards until we reach the main waterfall Malshej is famous for-  the one where water falls right from the cliff in the middle of the road and drops water on every vehicle passing by- it is an experience to remember. This is the moment when all of us adults turn into kids and join their giggles as the water falls on the car roof, it’s so much fun! 


Once there, park your vehicle to a safe side, get off  and enjoy getting wet playing in the numerous waterfalls that are just along the highway. You can also gorge on omlet, corn, vada pav and tea too. Trust me, there’s nothing like a sizzling cup of tea with some hot vada pavs in the rain. It’s pure bliss. 

weekend getaways from pune

When with kids, you can also stop at the tiny streams a little away from the main ghat, it’s safer with respect to traffic & kids can enjoy splashing in the water & getting wet. It’s a perfect day trip to Malshej ghat by car.


There are 2 viewpoints near the tunnel which are vantage points to enjoy the deep green valley amidst the cloudy weather and rains. Though remember that there are no proper restaurants nearby, you will have to drive nearer to MTDC resort to find that.


Reverse waterfall in Malshej Ghat


The area around MTDC is a destination by itself. The one particular experience not to be missed at the MTDC resort viewpoint is “water reverse”. Here the water droplets, from deep down in the valleys, are carried up by strong wind currents and are showered on people standing there- giving an illusion of rain from down under. The view from here is spellbinding too.

Where to stay in Malshej Ghat 

A drive to these waterfalls is great as a day trip to Malshej ghat by car. People who would like to enjoy this peaceful weekend getaway from Pune for more than a day can stay at the MTDC resort which is built right on the cliff. The rooms are just alright, but the panoramic view of the deep valley and surrounding Sahyadri hills are totally worth it. There are other small resorts too, but MTDC is the best bet!

MTDC Malshej ghat
MTDC, Malshej Ghat

How to reach Malshej Ghat


  • By train – Neral (86 kms), Kalyan (90 kms), Igatpuri (91 kms)

  • How far is Malshej ghat from Mumbai? And Pune?

+ By road: Mumbai -126 kms and Pune- 128 kms, Nashik-166 kms.


The roads are the best way to enjoy the ghats!

Where exactly is Malshej Ghat located? 

Malshej Ghat waterfall is situated on Kalyan-Ahmednagar NH 222 & the best way to reach Malshej ghat from Mumbai is driving along Kalyan-Murbad road.


Places to visit in Malshej Ghat- The nearby attractions 

shivneri fort malshej
View from Shivneri Fort

Malshej Ghat  is surrounded by a number of amazing attractions which are as enchanting as Malshej waterfall itself.


  • Shivneri Fort: The birthplace of the legendary Shivaji Maharaj is approx 40 kms from Malshej. It has the Buddhist Caves belonging to the 3rd century and is an important historic fort.

  • Harishchandragad Fort Trek at 1400m, 40kms from Malshej, makes for an exciting trek.

  • Bhimashankar Jyotirlinga Shiva Temple can also be visited.

  • Ajoba Hill Fort, Darkoba Peak, and Nane Ghat are popular trails of Malshej Ghat that are absolute delights for trekkers.

best places to visit near mumbai in monsoon

Maharashtra is a wonderful state to travel in the monsoon season. It is also home to some of the finest hill stations, waterfalls & beaches which are amazing weekend getaways from Mumbai and Pune. If you are looking for a place to visit over a free weekend this monsoon, then Malshej Ghat is one of the best options!

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and take that long awaited road trip to Malshej Ghat waterfall this monsoon!



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