13 amazing places to visit near Mumbai in monsoon this year

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I just love the monsoons…it is absolutely magical when the Mumbai rains come & bring everything back to life! It opens up a long list of places to visit near Mumbai in monsoon for a short n’ sweet getaway to just unwind and relax.

The ‘mitti ki khushboo’ with plants, flowers and trees in full bloom; there is so much freshness all around. This is especially true for the outskirts of Mumbai where all shades of green appear in front of the eyes…Mumbai monsoon truly is heaven for nature lovers!


To us, Mumbaikars, it brings happiness as finally it’s time to enjoy 

the lower temperatures, refreshing breeze and the gentle sprinkle of rain drops. Couples go for romantic walks or drives- the famous Raj Kapoor & Nargis scene comes alive with the Bombay baarish. 🙂 

For me, going on a quick drive around places to visit near Mumbai in monsoon while having some garma garam pakode and a glass of piping hot masala chai completes the whole monsoon experience!

places to visit near mumbai in monsoon


However, we also have a love-hate relationship with the Mumbai monsoon season. How long does monsoon last in mumbai? Enough for us to  enjoy the rains after a long sweaty summer, but  it’s not long before the cribbing starts about waterlogging and traffic woes that generally accompany the rains in Mumbai. Hence taking off for a short trip around places to visit near Mumbai in monsoon is always a good idea.

On the outskirts of Mumbai, the waterfalls & hiking trails come alive making it the best time for adventure seekers from the city to make the most of it. 

If you want to experience nature and the rolling clouds at their finest, then plan some quick getaways to these options below. 

From day trips to weekends getaways, they are the perfect Mumbai monsoon guides to unwind and rejuvenate this season!


1.Igatpuri – Perfect for a weekend stay

Engulfed by the Western Ghats that are lush green during the monsoon, this spot is paradise for those looking for a quick escape from the city. Igatpuri is known for its misty hills and calming ambience that will make you want to go on a romantic drive with your loved one. The pleasant climate, quaint old fort, waterfalls and majestic mountains make Igatpuri an ideal places to visit near Mumbai in monsoon for a relaxed vacation.

The beauty of this place increases many folds during monsoons- its dense forest becomes greener and the waterfalls get revived. 

Igatpuri is also ideal if you’re into trekking or are a nature enthusiast.The waterfalls are in full force from July to September, and the treks here are relatively easy; it’s amongst the best places to indulge in adventure activities and boasts a few tourist spots too. 


Don’t forget to have the famous vada pavs here…order yours with chai while you enjoy the rains!

Rappelling in Igatpuri
Trekking in monsoon near mumbai
  • Distance: 121 kilometres from Mumbai / 247 kilometres from Pune

  • Things to do: Trekking, Rock Climbing, Rappelling, Camel Valley, Vipassana International Academy & Tringalwadi Fort.

2.Malshej Ghat- The ultimate waterfall experience


Here comes one of my favourite places to visit near Mumbai in monsoon! We make a family trip almost every monsoon here- a day trip. It’s THE place for a beautiful drive in the rains. If you want to touch the clouds, a trip to Malshej Ghat that’s situated 700m above sea level is your place.

Known for its gushing waterfalls that fall right on the main road drenching your car or bike is so much fun!! This beautiful mountain pass of the Western Ghats makes me giggle like a kid everytime our car passes under a waterfall….Malshej is quite an experience I must say! 


This enchanting valley has all that’s required to enjoy the rains & waterfalls; have a bhutta or vada pav with chai to beat the monsoon chills! Here, you will find plenty of scenic hiking trails; the more adventurous ones can trek up to  Harishchandragad Fort of Shivneri Fort. 

Malshej Ghat

With a backdrop of lush green  mountains and rolling clouds, this is a  great choice among places to visit near Mumbai in monsoon.

  • Distance: 126 kilometres from Mumbai / 127 kilometres from Pune

  • Things to do: Trek, Drive under the waterfall, visit Harishchandragad Fort of Shivneri Fort.

3.Bhandardara- For all the trekking enthusiasts


Bhandardara is a great weekend getaway with sprawling greenery and gorgeous waterfalls!

The Pravara River flows nearby from where one can get spectacular views and click lovely pictures. 


Located amidst lush greenery, high hills and lakes, Bhandardara ranks high in places to visit near Mumbai in monsoon; far away from the hustle and bustle of Mumbai. 

Arthur Lake and Randha falls being the major places to visit in monsoon in maharashtra.

places to visit near mumbai in monsoon

Hikers love Harishchandragad, Ratangad & Mount Kalsubai- Maharashtra’s highest peak. The holy city of Shirdi isn’t too far away from Bhandardara too.

monsoon weekend getaways pune


  • Distance: 164 kilometres from Mumbai / 174 kilometres from Pune

  • Things to do: Trek to Harishchandragad, Ratangad or Mount Kalsubai, Visit Arthur lake and Randha falls, Click pictures against Pravara River.

4.Kolad- Your water rafting paradise


Kolad is an all year round favorite known for water rafting near Mumbai. It is one of the best places to visit near mumbai in monsoons and boasts numerous scenic landscapes including pristine lakes and waterfalls that you could spot on the way from Mumbai. 

places to visit near mumbai in monsoon
places to visit near mumbai in monsoon

The Kundalika River flows through Kolad and is literally overflowing in the monsoons..it’s really a sight to see. Close to the Mumbai-Goa Highway, it is one of the places to visit in monsoon in Maharashtra where one can in fact enjoy a swim in the lake or trek about the hillocks near the waterfalls. This is one of those Mumbai Pune monsoon getaways that is equidistant from both the cities.

Nilu’s protip:


Another unique attraction that can spruce up your trip is the hot springs at Uddhar, which is just 30 kilometres away.


  • Distance: 113 kilometres from Mumbai / 113 kilometres from Pune

  • Things to do: Go rafting, Indulge in adventure activities like Canoeing & Ziplining, Trek, Take a swim in the lake.

5.Lonavala & Khandala- It has something for everyone

For a Mumbaikar like me, Lonavala-Khandala are the definite places to visit near Mumbai in monsoon, and only during the monsoons mind you.

The lush greenery and vast landscapes of the Sahyadri hills bring out its true beauty. The best time to visit is during or after the monsoon to experience the cool and chilly weather along with the overflowing dams & waterfalls.

Hello, Bushi dam is calling!!!

places to visit in monsoon in maharashtra

Here you can find plenty of activities to enjoy: there are waterfalls, beautiful hills, and lakes too! You can go rock climbing, trekking or just enjoy a quiet relaxed time at the lakes. Lots of monkeys can be spotted sitting on both ends of the road as you travel, kids especially enjoy watching them.

best places to visit in maharashtra during monsoon

On your list has to be Tiger Point or Shooting Leap where the clouds are  close enough to touch & to feel the mist!

Don’t leave without having the famous chikki & walnut fudge!

Some of the other attractions include Bhaja Caves, Bushi Dam, Karla Caves, Duke’s Nose and Pawna lake which is especially stunning during this time of the year.

These are famous places to visit in monsoon in maharashtra! And are perfect places to visit near Mumbai in monsoon for 2 days.

  • Distance: 83 kilometres from Mumbai / 66 kilometres from Pune

  • Things to do: Eat Chikki/Fudge, Visit Bhaja Caves, Bushi Dam, Karla Caves, Duke’s Nose and Pawna lake, Click pictures at Tiger Point, Go rock climbing, trekking or just chill by the lakes.


Phew…now that was a long list of things to do.

See, doesn’t it have something for everyone? 🙂


6.Matheran- To get away from the traffic commotion 

If you love to explore nature during monsoons on foot, Matheran is the best of places to visit in monsoon in Maharashtra! This is a unique hill station where vehicles are banned & hence it offers a clean, cool and refreshing surrounding for romantic walks & hikes!

places to visit near mumbai in monsoon

Leave the hustle bustle of the city behind and slip into the serene surroundings of this lush green places to visit near Mumbai in monsoon. In the monsoon, Matheran turns into a paradise for adventure lovers. During this time, there are many treks that can be undertaken, beware of the monkeys though, there are lotssss in Matheran!

places to visit in monsoon in maharashtra

Take the toy train & walk on railway tracks, this experience is like no other  places to visit in monsoon in Maharashtra. You must also check out Echo Point for some fun! It has a good view of the Sahyadri mountain range and a Panorama Point for the 360-degree view of the Western Ghats that come alive during the monsoon.

Remember to indulge in some delicious local cuisines & cutting chai.

  • Distance: 83 kilometres from Mumbai / 120 kilometres from Pune

  • Things to do: Go for a walk/hike, Cycle around, Take a ride in the toy train, Click pictures at Echo point, Do a trek, Walk on the railway tracks.

7.Durshet- For spectacular Sahyadri views


Seated in the Sahyadri Mountain Range of Maharashtra, this destination is full of waterfalls in the Maharashtra rainy season where one can enjoy trekking through the falls and greenery. 

malshej ghat in monsoon

For the  adventurer in you, Durshet also offers adventurous activities like rock climbing, rappelling, river crossing, etc. making it one of the awesome places to visit near Mumbai in monsoon!

Blessed with beautiful landscapes, Durshet has everything you need to enjoy your fun monsoon weekend getaways.


  • Distance: 76 kilometres from Mumbai / 100 kilometres from Pune

  • Things to do: Indulge in rock climbing/ rappelling/ river crossing, Trek through its numerous waterfalls, Enjoy the scenic drive.

8. Wai, Mahabaleshwar & Tapola – The most picturesque getaways

From Omkara to Bajirao Mastani, Wai near Satara has long been a Bollywood favorite. And one of my favorite places to visit near Mumbai in monsoon too haha. 

Given its picturesque riverside, ancient temples, Maratha architecture and panoramic views of the surrounding Sahyadris…it is one of the best places to visit in monsoon in Maharashtra! 

Wai lake in monsoon

Popularly called Mini Kashmir because of its unspoiled beauty and natural landscapes, Tapola is situated near Mahabaleshwar. As the mist plays hide and seek over the alluring Tapola, you can enjoy the lush greenery and stunning view of Koyna Dam and Shivsagar lake amongst other places to visit near Mumbai in monsoon.

Tapola Lake is yet again a beautiful monsoon spot for a monsoon weekend near mumbai!

Monsoon getaways

Mahabaleshwar- this hill station is famous for its strawberries. But as you bask into its soothing & unpolluted air, you’ll also realise why it is one of the places to visit in monsoon in Maharashtra.

Travel to its tourist attractions such as Morarji Castle, Mount Malcolm, Pratapgarh Fort, and Arthur’s Seat which are all shades green during the rainy months! Another attraction worth checking out is the Mapro Garden in Mahabaleshwar as well as in Wai.

Is Mahabaleshwar safe to travel?

An excellent destination for nature lovers, these places are next to each other and have just the right setting for monsoon getaways near Mumbai. 

Nilu’s protip:


Visit Kaas plateau- Maharashtra’s own Valley of Flowers. It blooms like a thousand rainbows in September and is just a little ahead.



  • Distance: 222 kilometres from Mumbai / 100 kilometres from Pune.
  • Things to do: Bask in the beauty of Wai, Drive around Tapola lake, Visit Morarji Castle, Mount Malcolm, Pratapgarh Fort, Arthur’s Seat and Mapro Garden in Mahabaleshwar. Have a cheese sandwich and buy some jams while at Mapro!

9. Mulshi Dam- For a quick drive

A quick 3-hour road trip from Mumbai, this is the best of places to visit near Mumbai in monsoon; a quiet green weekend getaway from the city.

In the peak monsoon season, the dam on Mula River flows in full force and you can enjoy the dense fog in the region that makes you feel as if you’re walking through clouds!

places to visit near mumbai in monsoon

Places to visit in monsoon in Maharashtra include a drive to Mulshi as it is refreshing, covered in mist and has lots of greenery. There are quite a few resorts & even campsites to make your stay enjoyable.


  • Distance: 130 kilometres from Mumbai / 75 kilometres from Pune

  • Things to do: Camp by the lake, Relax in its lush green surroundings, Take advantage of the wide-spread luxurious resorts around.

10. Purushwadi – To witness the magic of the fireflies


This unassuming village in Ahmednagar is one of the rather offbeat monsoon getaways from Mumbai that comes to life at the onset of monsoon & sparkles with the light of a million fireflies! Male fireflies produce unique flashes of light to attract female fireflies, and hope to get a flash of light in return. This spectacular mating ritual is truly unmissable. 

One of the offbeat places to visit near Mumbai in monsoon, this  place  proves to be a wonderful destination for the weary city dwellers.

places to visit in monsoon in maharashtra

Get ready for an overnight camping experience and prepare to be mind blown by this weekend monsoon getaway from Mumbai.


  • Distance: 193 kilometres from Mumbai / 166 kilometres from Pune

  • Things to do: Enjoy the scenic drive, Get mesmerised by the glowing fireflies post sunset.

11. Karjat – All things monsoon in one place

Karjat, located close to Mumbai, is a beautiful place for monsoon weekend getaways from Mumbai. In the rainy season, the foliage around the roads blooms with every shade of green that makes exploring the outdoors all the more fun!

Known for its waterfalls and serenity, Monsoons in Karjat are a visual delight: grassy meadows, nesting birds, lush green hillocks lined with waterfalls- nature at its best display of places to visit near Mumbai in monsoon.

places to visit near mumbai in monsoon

Karjat serves as the starting point for many major trekking trails; the pleasant weather and the slight drizzle only add to the charm of treks like

Chanderi Fort trek, Matheran trek and Peth Fort trek. These are amongst the most popular treks- even Kondana caves & Bhivpuri waterfalls are popular places to visit in Maharashtra during monsoon.

  • Distance: 63 kilometres from Mumbai / 103 kilometres from Pune

  • Things to do: Trek to Chanderi Fort, Matheran or Peth Fort, Visit Kondana caves and Bhivpuri waterfall, Enjoy spending time looking at the grassy meadows.

12. Karnala & Panvel – For the best bird watching experience 

Panvel is a hotspot for drives in the monsoons; you get to see the entire place transformed into one big green blanket and waterfalls sprout from every nook & corner! It is also a destination for trekking enthusiasts and cyclists alike.

places to visit in monsoon in maharashtra

Karnala is one of the monsoon getaways Maharashtra that is surrounded by green vistas, mountains, and waterfalls. The Karnala Bird Sanctuary comes under the best places to visit in monsoon in Maharashtra for nature lovers- a place to unwind and birdwatch. You can  also visit the Karnala fort and the Karnala Lake nearby. The trek up to the Karnala Fort during monsoons is a wonderful experience too.

places to visit near mumbai in monsoon

This is one of the nearest & best places to visit near Mumbai in monsoon, you get a majestic view of the misty Sahyadri Ranges from here!


  • Distance: 50 kilometres from Mumbai / 125 kilometres from Pune

  • Things to do: Cycle in Panvel, Bird watch at the  Karnala Bird Sanctuary, Trek up to Karnala Fort or walk around Karnala Lake.

13. Sanjay Gandhi National Park- A getaway from the city, in the city

monsoon in mumbai

Referred to as the green lung of Mumbai, it is the only national park within city limits! SGNP is 104 kms of absolute lush forests and beautiful walking & cycling paths..talk about monsoon getaways in Mumbai! The Kanheri caves trail & the Shilonda trail are popular with tourists as  places to visit near Mumbai in monsoon, and offer abundant sightings of flora & fauna.

A guided tour either with the park or with adventure travel companies is required. Unchaperoned visits aren’t allowed given the leopard presence. 

You can go here for a day trip or even stay overnight with requisite permissions in place.

mumbai monsoon weekend getaways
monsoon getaways near pune and mumbai


  • Distance: Within Mumbai 

  • Things to do: Take the toy train, watch the animals, enjoy the greenery, walk up to the Kanheri caves & trek the Shilonda trail. Great place for kids!

Enjoy your monsoon travel by going to these places to visit near Mumbai Pune in monsoon for a fun filled, memorable trip!


These places to visit in monsoon in Maharashtra offer you the perfect chance to get away from the mundane city life, even if it’s just for the day or weekend. With the peaceful atmosphere, a hot cup of tea with samosa, flora and lush greenery around- you’ll enjoy the rains like never before!

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  1. Great article, being Mumbai for the past 5 years now, I have been to most of these palces and indeed like you I also eagerly await the monsoons to start. Quite intrigued by Purushwadi can you give me more information about this place.

  2. Good post. Very informative. I have been to some of the places mentioned above. Keep up the good work.

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  4. Very informative and beautiful write up Nilima……some of the places mentioned have been visited by us earlier
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