Trekking in Mumbai: 12 easy treks near Mumbai Pune

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Easy treks to do around Mumbai-Pune during Covid-19

Mumbai is one of those few cities which is blessed with several forts and hilly terrains along its fringes. This accords all the Mumbaikars with a chance to explore these beautiful vistas and seek adventure through monsoon treks from Mumbai in their otherwise busy city lives. Trekking in Mumbai can be extremely refreshing…in fact a lot of companies include treks near Mumbai as one of their team building activities.

Amongst the many hills around, there are some easy treks near Mumbai that are great for amateur trekkers because they don’t require you to put in a lot of effort, aren’t too tiring and yet are totally worth it!

trekking in mumbai

Keeping in mind the prevailing Corona Virus situation tho, one day treks near Mumbai are the better option with minimal contact & more social distancing.

Here are 12 of the best treks near Mumbai during covid-19 if you are looking to explore the great outdoors at a chilled pace.

places to visit near mumbai in monsoon

Most of these treks can be done without a tour/trek leader. They have clear markings and paths specially paved out for hikers which make them DIY appropriate.

(All the Treks Near Mumbai mentioned are Under 100 kilometres)

monsoon weekend getaways pune

1. Peb Trek

Vikatgad Fort, Neral


The Peb fort, also known as Vikatgad  is a popular trekking place near Mumbai for those who want to enjoy the climate of Matheran, but want to avoid the crowds. This trek is best suited for nature lovers and amateur trekkers, as it is easy and scenic.

trekking in mumbai

The trail begins with a thick forest  & takes you along a lovely pathway that leads to the fort from the base of the hill.

At the peak of the fort is a temple dedicated to Swami Samartha, where locals offer prayers. A really easy & enjoyable  trek around Mumbai.

trekking in mumbai

Location: Neral

Distance from Mumbai: 74 kilometres

Distance from Pune: 112 kilometres

2. Bhivpuri Waterfalls


trekking in mumbai

One of the famous waterfalls & treks near Mumbai, there are many routes that  can take you from the base of Bhivpuri Hill to get to the waterfall. However, the easiest one is from the end of the village. As the trek progresses, vast green meadows & spectacular sceneries will unfold soothing your eyes.

treks near mumbai

You will cross a small stream and a slope to get to the waterfall. The climb  is fairly easy and simple. For adventure sports lovers, there are a few places near the waterfall where rock climbing and rappelling take place too, but these need to be booked with the organisers beforehand.

Bhivpuri waterfall trek

Location: Karjat

Distance from Mumbai: 65.3 kilometres

Distance from Pune: 103 kilometres

3. Mahuli Fort Trek


The  trail to Mahuli Fort is one of the simple treks near Mumbai with a well-laid-out and marked path from  near the temple at the base of the hill  to the top of the mountain.

treks near mumbai

The trail takes you through lush green meadows & spectacular views from the top. The best months for trekking near Mumbai are from June  to September when the mountains have erupted into various shades of green & smaller streams of water run through the whole area thanks to the monsoon rainfall.

Location: Pune District

Distance from Mumbai: 70.2 kilometres

Distance from Pune: 196 kilometres

treks near mumbai

4. Kothaligad Trek



Kothaligad Fort is one of the easier treks near Mumbai, with the climb being simple and well paced. At the base of the hill you will see a few huts and houses,many trekkers arrange for breakfast at these houses, giving the locals a stream of income. A small pathway from here leads to the fort.

easy treks near mumbai
treks near pune

Halfway through, there are some steps that pass through some caves.

Take these steps; they will lead you up straight to the top of the fort. From the top, you can enjoy spectacular  views of the green ranges. Don’t miss the carvings of Hindu gods on the rocks during your time here.

hikes in mumbai

Location: Peth

Distance from Mumbai: 89 kilometres

Distance from Pune: 127 kilometres

5. Rajmachi Trek

Kondivade village

solo treks in maharashtra

Rajmachi Fort is one of the most famous & popular one day treks near Mumbai. It  generally begins from the Kondivade village that is very close to Karjat railway station. However, there is an  easier route from the Udhewadi village.

trekking near panvel

The path to the fort is clearly marked, so it is very simple  finding your way to the top. On weekends, there are many trekking groups here, you just need to follow the crowds. You can spend a good time at the top exploring around.

trekking places near thane

Location: Udhewadi

Distance from Mumbai: 95 kilometres

Distance from Pune: 78.4 kilometres

6. Visapur Fort Trek

Visapur village

offbeat treks in maharashtra

The Visapur Fort is an important historic landmark in Maharashtra & located close to Lohagad Fort. It is also one of the very popular treks near Mumbai with a  mix of pathways and steps that leads to the fort. The climb is really easy and generally takes about 30 minutes to one hour to complete.

trek post corona virus lockdown

You will see a few carvings of Lord Hanuman on the rocks & a big pond here. This is a popular trekking in Mumbai spot with many groups coming here on the weekend, hence you will find many snacking options too.

places for trekking near mumbai
Steps to Visapur Fort during monsoons!

Location: Malavi

Distance from Mumbai: 98 kilometres

Distance from Pune: 62.3 kilometres


7. Lohagad Fort Trek

Western Ghats


The Lohagad Fort is one of the most popular weekend treks near Mumbai & Pune. It is frequented by locals and tourists, especially  on weekends looking to explore the outdoors.

trekking destinations near mumbai & pune

It’s fairly easy to reach the top of the fort by  just following  the steps that lead up. So, the ascent to the top is very fun & stress free, even for beginners. The Bhaja Caves are on the way up & should not be missed. As it is a very popular trekking route, there are many pit stops for snacking & water along the way.

monsoon treks around mumbai
monsoon treks around mumbai

Location: Bhaja

Distance from Mumbai: 98.5 kilometres

Distance from Pune: 63.8 kilometres


Easy Treks near Mumbai (Within 100 kilometres)


8. Korigad Trek

Aamby Valley 


Korigad Fort is not only known for its architecture, but it is also a popular & easy trek near Mumbai & Pune. There are a couple of routes that one can take to get to the top. However, the climb is easiest from the Peth Shahpur village.

monsoon treks around mumbai

Midway, there are steps carved out of rocks that go all the way to the top of the hill. Be careful in the monsoon months as the rocky steps tend to get a little slippery with the rain. Just right for beginners, this is best amongst treks near Lonavala.

trekking places near mumbai

This fort looks over the famous Amby Valley Lonavala & the surrounding areas making it a pleasant excursion. This is the perfect place to experience what trekking in Mumbai feels like.

treks near me

Location: Pune District

Distance from Mumbai: 105 kilometres

Distance from Pune: 90 kilometres

9. Tikona Trek


treks near mumbai in monsoon

The trekking trail at Tikona has a clearly marked path to the top which  makes it ideal for beginners and those looking for an easy  trek near Mumbai. On the route are a few ledges, but most should not have any trouble crossing over them.

nearest trekking places mumbai

There are many good places to click pictures of the natural surroundings around the trail. You’ll also find caves and a shrine which you won’t otherwise find when trekking in Mumbai. From the top of the hill, you will get to see the nearby Pawna Dam and the Lohagad Fort.

nearest trek from mumbai

Location: Tikona Peth

Distance from Mumbai: 121 kilometres

Distance from Pune: 50 kilometres

trekking in mumbai

10. Kalsubai Trek

Bari Gaon

kalsubai trek
Kalsubai: Highest peak of Maharashtra

Is Kalsubai trek easy? It is very popular, but a medium difficulty trek near Mumbai. At the base of the peak, there is a small village and a temple. Many trekkers arrange for breakfast in the village before starting the climb but don’t worry cause you’ll find nimbu-paani stalls after every few stops (even at that height!). It is one of the few treks in Maharashtra where ladders and chains are installed at places that are difficult to climb.

trekking in mumbai

On the trek, you can stop at some amazing spots that are great for photography as these offer scenic views of the surrounding natural landscape. This trek is a short one, about 7 to 8 kilometres, but needs to be trekked with caution given the altitude and terrain of the mountain.

trekking in mumbai

Some groups also do an evening trek here & climb down after watching the sunrise on the mountain top, which is an experience by itself.

Location: Western Ghats

Distance from Mumbai: 152 kilometres

Distance from Pune: 171 kilometres

11. Andharban Trek

Tamhini village

trekking near mumbai

The trail at Andharban is one of the most scenic treks near Mumbai in the Sahyadri Hills. Located near the Pimpri Dam, the Andharban trekking trail is made up of a dense forest, streams and a few waterfalls that come to life in the monsoon.

trekking near mumbai
The trail is easy to complete and along the way you’ll see stunning, scenic views of the Tamhini village. From the peak of the Andharban Hill, enjoy the gorgeous  view of the Bhima Dam. June to September is the best time to enjoy the various shades of green that bloom only in the monsoons. The Sinhagad Fort trek is another great option to go nearby in the monsoons.
trekking in mumbai

Location: Tamhini village

Distance from Mumbai: 139 kilometres

Distance from Pune: 58.3 kilometres


12. Naneghat Trek

Western Ghats


The Naneghat Fort is situated very close to Malshej Ghat. The trek begins from the Ahmednagar-Kalyan road.

trekking in mumbai

Although the trail is pretty easy to complete, you will find some patches that are a little difficult, but manageable to pass through. This is good enough for people who’ve been trekking in Mumbai for sometime now.

treks near mumbai

Once you reach the midpoint of the hill, you will get to see some exotic birds flying around or perched in the trees. From the top of the fort you can see the Jivdhan Fort and stunning landscape views of the surrounding hills. A very fun trek near Mumbai.

trekking in mumbai

Location: Ghatghar

Distance from Mumbai: 163 kilometres

Distance from Pune: 122 kilometres

treks near mumbai and trekking in mumbai

If you are looking for adventure and are not confident of trekking mountains or difficult trails, these are some very easy monsoon treks near Mumbai for beginners too, that will help you get the confidence you need to trek by yourself. Have you done any of these treks? We would love to know your experiences of trekking in Mumbai in the comments section below. 😀

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